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Picture of Mechanical Leather Punching Machine(NK-CK155)

Mechanical Leather Punching Machine(NK-CK155)

Mechanical Punching Machine (Leather Punching Machine) of Kunshan Nekon Machinery Co.Ltd. makes use of foreign advanced technology ,design and develop completely ourselves independent ly, and own completely its intellectual property rights. Kunshan Nekon Mechanical Punching Machine, since the market use, deeply loved and favored by our customers and earns a good reputation in the market allover the world.punching machine,leather punching machine,pvc punching machine,PE Punching machine,Sponge Punching machine,EVA punching machine,Artificial leather punching machine,genuine leather punching machine,real leather machine,one-way vision Punching Machine,Movie screen punching machine

Mechanical Leather Punching Machine(NK-CK155)(Normal Type)

Company Profile:

Kunshan Nekon Punching Machinery Ltd. is a branch of Kunshan Nekon Group which owns a variety of proprietary intellectual property rights. Punching Machine Ltd. mainly manufactures numerically controlled leather punching machines,one-way vision punching machines,PU punching machines,PVC punching machines ,film screen punching machine,screen punching machines,foam punching machines,artificial leather punching machines,genuine leather punching machine,automobile cushion punching machines,upper punching machines,bags punching machines.Kunshan Nekon leather punching machines are mainly classified into four categories: Mechanical leather punching machines(Without Servo motor),Mechanical leather punching machines(With Servo motor), numerically controlled  leather punching machines, small leather punching machines.
Leather Punching Machine(Leather Perforating Machine) working principle:
Kunshan Nekon mechanically leather punching machines(Leather Perforating Machine) is called leahter punching machines (leather holes punching machines ) for shourt, mechanically leather puching machine is mechanically punching, which uses bent axle revolving to achieve loop movement, and punchign the holes on leahter,cloth,paper,foam,thin metal,PVC and other thin films.(samples following):
Leather Punching Machine(Leather Perforating Machine) Technical Data:
Supply and voltage
380V 50-60HZ
Height of moulds
Ram pressure
Air pressure
Rated power
Machine size
3220*1950*2000 mm
Paper shelf size
Feeding shelf size
Electricity box size
Rewinding shelf size
Power of main motor
Power of rewinding electrical machine
Paper shelf cylinder diameter
The waste of electricity
The biggest diameter of paper
The effective working width
Tolerance: within 1 mm
Max thickness that can punch: better less than 10 mm or 20 mm (There are two kinds)
Features of mechanical leather punching machine(Leather Perforating Machine):
1.The leather punching machine applies advanced numerically controlled technologyelectrical technology and software technology.
a.Numerically controlled technology is the core of advanced manufacturing technology, and develops towards high-speed,high-precision,multi-function,intelligentize,systematization and high reliability.
b. For electrical technology of punching machine, Nekon leather Punching machine applies high-speed SOC singlechip, and achieves real-time control.
c. For software technology, leather punching machine applies Man-machine interface, simple operating and reliable running.
2.Mechanical Features of leather punching machine(Leather Perforating Machine):
a. Drawing-back treatment of punching machine
b. The spindle of punching machine applies 10m big lathe, and host machine is formed by planer type milling machine.
c. Leather punching machine is 8.5ton, and that can effectively assure the stability of machine.
d. Rewinding of leather punching machine applies magnetic powder separation and reunion , that assures the accuracy and tidiness of rewinding.
e. The pillow of leather punching machine applies copper bush structure of  high-speed punching, that assures accuracy
f. Leather punching machine applies recycling cooling oil to sure lubrication, bring down the temperature.
3 Other Features of leather punching machine(Leather Perforating Machine):
a.The leather punching machine can punching and embossing.
Punching flower forms picture warming embossing mould warming embossing picture
b. Effective production, high-speed, it applies to batch production.
c.Decorative patterns are variety and beautiful.
Operating manual of Leather punching machine(Leather Perforating Machine):
Material feeding:
Please put material on feeding shelf, pull to the part of punching on  spindle shelf, stick with rubberized fabric, and level the material.
Open the start button and other relative buttons on control panel, and it runs.
1.Connect the electricity.
2.Open the general switch and other control switches on electricity cabinet. 
3.Open the power switch and turn it on.
4.Set up punching parameters.
5. Open control switch of clean cylinder.
6.Set up manual /auto function.
7. Press auto running button and start the machine.
Adjust the speed of host machine of leather punching machine to do high-speed punching.
Material collecting:
Put punching material in material collecting shelf, and adjust the rewinding.


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