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Ultrasonic trademark cutting machine maintenance and troubleshooting - 2012-4-18
Ultrasonic trademark cutting machine is mainly composed of color standard sensor feeding system and ultrasonic generator system, in this two parts, ultrasonic system is the more responsible, so actually, ultrasonic trademark cutting machine maintenance and troubleshooting is for the ultrasonic part of the ultrasonic trademark cutting machine
Kunshan NEKON: Multi-function High Power Ultrasonic Sewing Machine - 2012-3-22
Ultrasonic sewing machine, also be known as ultrasonic threadless sewing machine, different from the traditional sewing machine which sews with thread: threadless sewing can reach threadless and seamless, and according to different material sometimes it can even reach watertight and airtight, and also its function can be exchanged between cutting, sewing and embossing by way of changing the moulds.
Daily maintenance about the Kunshan Nekon ultrasonic lace machinne - 2012-3-2
what we need to pay attention to? after consulting many senior engineers and technical staff in our company, we summarize the following several points:
Eyes monkeys will send ultrasonic - 2012-2-25
the world's smallest primates animal -- eyes monkey is the only the animal which can send the ultrasonic, they send out and receive audio outside the range of human hearing .
Ultrasonic supporting system - 2012-2-6
Ultrasonic Supporting device mainly depend on ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic mould those three important parts.
Ribbon cutting machine - 2011-10-7
Based on used materials, the silk ribbon could be classified into the pp ribbon, the POLY ribbon,the nylon ribbon, the gold-silver ribbon, the Korean ribbon , the jade ribbon, the artificial ribbon, the PE ribbon and so on.
What’re the necessary apparatuses for establishing a face mask factory? - 2011-8-10
Nowadays, the flat surface type face mask and the cup shaped face mask are in vogue very much in the market, of course, there are still some special shapes we can see, such as the duck-mouth type and the c-type.
What does ultrasonic welding system include? - 2011-7-21
All ultrasonic welding systems are composed of the same basic elements...
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